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Monday, October 2, 2017

Smart home security need not be complicated

If there’s one place the modern smart home has delivered, it’s in home security. These days, you can outfit your house with all the sensors, alarms, and control panels in a matter of hours. Smart alarm and home security products generally fall into one of two categories. Products like Vivint and ADT Pulse will outfit your home with a custom selection of movement, door/window, and other sensors, fit control panels to your wall, and usually throw in 24/7 monitoring, all for a monthly fee. The flip side is DIY systems. These are generally more expensive upfront, since unlike the pro-install models they’re usually not relying on subscription fees to cover the costs. Low-power wireless has cut the cords, and in the process made do-it-yourself installation a headache-free affair. It can also makes these systems more friendly to those who rent rather than own their home.

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