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Thursday, July 5, 2018

Invisible Home Theaters

"In the ’80s, overhead projectors were a huge ‘wow’ factor,” says Brian Gadson, L.A. audio-visual technician. Advancements in video and sound technology have removed the bulky projector, changing the look and feel of the space. “Everybody seems to be traumatized by those old screening rooms with the ugly seats and all that black leather,” says Kishani Perera, an L.A.-based designer. Now boxy chairs are being replaced by velvet and silk sofas. “People are saying, ‘Even though we are spending over $1 million on a screening room, we don’t want it to look like that,’” says Perera. “They want it to be more of an extension of the home.”

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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Do Millennial Home Owners want Smart Homes?

One thing we also know about millennials is that they are mindful of environmental sustainability. So, it seems logical that they would look for homes that are “smart,” allowing them to save energy and provide more convenience. Smart homes allow them to control heating and cooling, lights, and small home appliances remotely. The older segment of this generation seems “sold” on smart home concepts, 38% of them already have purchased homes that are “smart” or have installed the technology. And 58% are interested in doing this.

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