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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Buying and Selling properties with smart home technologies

People who are selling smart homes are beginning to realize they need to hit the reset button on gadgets that might contain passwords and other sensitive personal information. And smart-home buyers often find that they need professional help to set the systems to their specifications. Coldwell Banker has set up a special training course to teach its agents how to prepare smart homes for sale and how to boost a home’s curb appeal by adding smart features.

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Connect your smart lights to Google Home

So your home now has a Google Home. You’re about to enter the wonderful world of digital personal assistants. For all the Philips Hue or Samsung SmartThings owners out there, you have full control when the lighting systems are connected with Assistant. “Okay Google, change the color of light in the living room.” This is perfect when you are stuck cooking and your date is coming over in ten minutes.

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What to expect from Smart Homes in 2017

Amazon offers the Echo and Echo Dot, voice-activated speakers of varying size that employ the company’s Alexa technology to answer your questions, engage your digital media libraries and control your smart home products. Google’s recently released Home is a similarly capable speaker solution, but the brand’s rich history in search may serve to separate the device, which is linked to Google’s expansive information database, in an increasingly crowded hub space. Or that’s Google’s hope, at least.

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