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Sunday, October 1, 2017

Los Angeles Times on Smart Homes

As more affordable smart-home technology enters market, tech companies are jostling to get their virtual home assistants in the door. Many are even teaming up with home builders to develop connected homes from the ground up. In 2015, consumers bought 1.7 million voice-compatible devices, according to a report from analytics start-up VoiceLabs. Last year that number grew to 6.5 million. The company predicts that 24.5 million voice-compatible devices will be shipped this year, ready to field the requests of their owners to turn on the lights, lock the door or close the blinds and play some music. Consumers can buy HomeKit accessories for their existing homes. Apple in August also announced a partnership with home builder Brookfield Residential to create a smart-home community. Each of the 66 homes in the Los Angeles area development called the Collection comes with HomeKit built in, letting residents use an app to control the home or ask Siri to do it for them.

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